About Us

What ExpatReporter.com does

You are in a foreign land. It could be anything – you are on a business trip or visiting your friends or simply decided to change your residence for good. That’s life. But we all normally want our life to be as wonderful as possible, don’t we? And to make our life happier in the foreign land it is great to have some help from those who have more experience and can give good advice. That is what we are trying to do.

ExpatReporter.com has been created by people who have lived or have been living abroad for a while and who know how it can be difficult to get used to the new way of life. There are a lot of different problems and issues which can arise during your staying. Our aim to help you solve them.

ExpatReporter.com is an online magazine. We do not want to create yet another service and ask your for money. Instead we would like to share information we and our contributors gained from their own experience.

Each country has its own magazine which is being run by a dedicated team. The might be differences in content and design but generally our aim is to have the same approach for all the countries in the world be it big or small.

In different sections of the site visitors can find recent news of the country, list of companies and organizations which might be useful for tourists and expats, information about events and exhibitions. Some of the pages and groups about the country in the social networks are being imported to the site directly. After registration user are able to submit classified messages, take part in forum discussions, create groups, make friends and exchange messages.

We are constantly developing new features and functionality so there might be changes and differences among sites. But all of that is being done for our users and that means you. The team of ExpatReporter.com hopes you would enjoy visiting our sites and, maybe, sometime you would like to join our team yourself.

Happy travelling and reading!